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Healing and hope for every age and diagnosis.

Allwell Behavioral Health Services is a private, not-for-profit provider of comprehensive community mental health services in Coshocton, Guernsey, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble and Perry counties.

Allwell was created in 2016 as a merger of Six County Inc. and Thompkins Treatment Inc. While Six County offered services to all ages, Thompkins Treatment specialized in youth aged 2 to 18. After conducting an analysis of our services, we determined that we could better serve our communities as a single entity. We integrate mental and physical care to offer the hope of wellbeing for you and every member of your family

Since the 1950’s, our services have expanded to meet the changing needs of our diverse communities. Because every client comes to us with unique values and problems, we mold our services to their needs to help them reach their full potential.


Our professional accreditations represent our ongoing commitment to the highest quality services and programs.

Accreditation Details

  • CARF International (Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)
  • Ohio Department of Mental Health

Board of Directors

The Mission of Allwell Behavioral Health Services' Board of Directors is to establish policies which ensure that the Corporation's Code of Regulations is adhered to and the Corporation's Mission and Philosophy are accomplished assuring that services offered are accessible, affordable, and of the highest professional quality with a sensitivity to the needs of consumers and the community at large.

Our board members are residents of our six-county service area. Each is committed to improving the delivery of behavioral healthcare to our community.

Board of Directors Details

  • Dr. Rebecca Brauch, Guernsey County
  • Kathy Robbins, Coshocton County
  • Dr. Russ Smucker (Chair), Muskingum County
  • Donna Cole (Vice Chair), Muskingum County
  • Gloria Meyer (Secretary), Coshocton County
  • Madelyn Joseph, Guernsey County
  • Dr. Richard Tuck, Muskingum County
  • Jeff Massey, Muskingum County
  • Wendy Cedoz, Muskingum County
  • Walter Jones, Morgan County
  • Madeline Watson, Noble County
  • Caren Maniaci, Perry County
  • Misty White, Perry County

Senior Leadership

The Allwell leadership team provides guidance and advice as we pursue our vision of being the region's leading behavioral health provider.

Senior Leadership Details

  • James McDonald, President and CEO
  • Daniel Carpenetti, Chief Operating Officer
  • Robert Montgomery, Chief Clinical Officer
  • Jason Seckman, CNP, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Sue Ellen Foraker, Chief Financial Officer
  • William Mason, Chief Information Officer
  • Tracy Nasser, Quality Improvement Director
  • Raymond Bishoff, Public Relations Director
  • Connie Bullens, Human Resources Director
  • Chris Gallagher, Coshocton County Director

Site Directors

Our Allwell Counseling Center directors provide the local leadership needed to tailor our care to each county's behavioral health needs.

Site Directors Details

  • Andrea Patterson, Perry County Director
  • Chris Gallagher, Coshocton Director and IFAST Coordinator
  • Maggi Ault, Guernsey County Director
  • Melissa Johnson, Muskingum Director
  • Meranda Bell, Morgan County Director
  • Tammy Stillion, Noble County Director

Program Directors

Our programs are led by hands-on directors with years of experience in their respective fields of job training, crisis management, maintenance, medical care, medication and out-patient programming.

Program Directors Details

  • Roger Balogh, MD, Medical Director
  • Steven Francis, C.O.R.E. Director
  • Bonnie Taylor, Crisis Unit Director
  • Kenneth Boerner, Medication Program Director
  • Cinda Graham, Mental Health Day Treatment Director
  • Nate Norris, Residential Services Director
  • Eric Rinehart, Maintenance Director
  • Lorraine Oliver, Dual Recovery Services Director

Types of mental health providers

 Types of mental health providers

Allwell’s trusted team of specialists offers expertise, compassion and respect. All our providers are licensed by the State of Ohio.

The mental health provider you are scheduled with will have one of these types of licensures:

A psychiatrist is a physician (M.D. or D.O.) who specializes in mental health. A child psychiatrist specializes in treating children and teens. Psychiatrists can:

  • Diagnose and treat mental health disorders
  • Provide psychological counseling (also called psychotherapy)
  • Prescribe medication

Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP)
This advanced psychiatric mental health nurse is a registered nurse with training in mental health issues. A psychiatric mental health nurse has a master’s degree in psychiatric mental health nursing. Mental health nurses can:

  • Vary in the services they can offer, depending on their education, level of training, experience and state law
  • Assess, diagnose and treat mental illnesses, depending on their education, training and experience
  • Prescribe medication

A psychologist is trained in psychology, a science that deals with thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Typically, a psychologist holds a doctoral degree (Ph.D., Psy.D. or Ed.D.). A psychologist:

  • Can diagnose and treat a number of mental health disorders, providing psychological counseling, in one-on-one or group settings
  • Cannot prescribe medication, unless he or she is licensed to do so
  • Will work with another provider who can prescribe medication, if needed

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
A LPC normally has a master’s degree and provides many of the same services as a LPCC. However, a LPC practices under the supervision of an experienced LPCC.

  • Are not licensed to prescribe medication
  • Will work with another provider who can prescribe medication, if needed

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)
Training required for a LPCC may vary by state, but most have at least a master’s degree with clinical experience. These counselors:

  • Provide diagnosis and psychological counseling (psychotherapy) for a range of concerns
  • Are not licensed to prescribe medication
  • Will work with another provider who can prescribe medication, if needed

Licensed Social Worker (LSW)
A LSW is trained specifically in mental health, providing many of the same services as a LISW. However, a LSW practices under the supervision of an experienced LISW and is not required to have a master’s degree. A LSW:

  • Is not licensed to prescribe medication
  • Will work with another provider who can prescribe medication, if needed

Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW)
A LISW is trained and experienced specifically in mental health and must hold a master’s degree in social work (MSW or MSSW). A LISW:

  • Provides assessment, psychological counseling and a range of other services, depending on their licensing and training
  • Is not licensed to prescribe medication
  • Will work with another provider who can prescribe medication, if needed