Uncharacteristic Behavior or Psychosis

Uncharacteristic Behavior or Psychosis

Psychosis is a mental illness that causes someone to experience some loss of contact with reality. Research suggests that the earlier someone begins treatment for a psychotic illness, the better their chances of a faster and more complete recovery.

Recognize the symptoms of psychosis

  • Having serious problems at work or school
  • Seeing or hearing things that others don’t
  • Having firmly held beliefs not shared by others
  • Withdrawing from social interactions
  • Speaking or thinking in a disorganized way
  • Feeling paranoid

Recover better by catching it on the FIRST episode.

The sooner you are treated for a psychotic illness, the better the chance of a faster and more complete recovery. That's why Allwell offers the FIRST program of coordinated specialty care for first episode psychosis.

FIRST team members provide treatment information and support to clients aged 15 to 40 who have had psychotic symptoms for no more than 18 months. Through resiliency training, psychiatric care, supported employment, case management and family education, those with psychotic illness can and do get better.

FIRST program goals:

  • Improve recovery
  • Reduce the chances of relapse
  • Set goals for future
  • Provide support and education for the client and family

Call 740-562-3270 to learn more about FIRST or to refer a loved one.

Get the professional help they need.

If someone you know exhibits symptoms of psychosis, urge them to meet with a specially trained Allwell counselor. Contact your local Allwell Counseling Center for information or an appointment.