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Vocation, Employment and Work Programs

Vocation, Employment and Work Programs

You can get short-term paid training in various jobs such as small parts assembly, maintenance, office work, passenger transport and delivery, custodial services and lawn care. We’ll help you develop your working skills, abilities, stamina and general job readiness…regardless of your current readiness, substance abuse issues, mental and physical health, education, legal problems or past job performance. You’ll determine your own career path and set objectives to reach your goal. We’ll also help you look for the right job with job-seeking skills, job shadowing and hands-on help.

There is no time limit to these services, which means we’ll help you for as long as it takes. We’ll also help if should you lose a job in the future. Best of all, it’s free thanks to tax payer funding. If you receive state or federal entitlements, we’ll even counsel you on those benefits.

You’ll be trained in two to five days a week, followed by a two-week assessment and up to a year of supervised practice at the work center. You’ll be paid and receive benefits, including workers’ compensation and Social Security. (You must provide your own transportation to the center.)

C.O.R.E. provides services for those in paid training as well as those looking for regular employment in their community. C.O.R.E. has agreements with businesses in Allwell’s six-county region to train those enrolled in custodial and lawn care skills. Some training is provided at C.O.R.E.’s sheltered workshop in Zanesville.

Be aware that working at C.O.R.E. can affect your SSI, SSDI, food stamps, housing subsidies and medical cards. The program offers benefits planning so you can make smart decisions before risking these entitlements.